How do I begin to thank you for all you have done for me and Esther? It wasn't just all your hard work and tenacity to help me move into the Strand quickly...It was your sincerity and kindness that I will forever be grateful. Esther and I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful friend and neighbor. We think you're simply the best."
-- Jeff and Esther Scott

"Anita Fischer is what you would call one stop shopping when purchasing a home...and she can make the impossible happen! I was fortunate enough to find Anita when purchasing my first apartment. Anita made the entire experience and transaction seamless in providing me with contacts for mortgage brokers, lawyers, name it she got it. 

And I was extremely pleased with everyone she referred. 
In less than a year, Anita also presented me with a buyer for my apartment and was not only able to sell my place for TOP dollar...highest in the building for my unit, but also was able to find me another apartment to purchase in the same building.

Anita was able to time all transactions, buy/sell and find the tenant who was in the apartment that I was purchasing a new rental at the same time.She went above and beyond the call of duty to make it as stressless as possible for me. I put my faith in Anita and she took care of absolutely everything...including board applications, approvals, you name it. She said trust me and I did and I have never been happier. You will not believe what she is capable of doing or will come across a more honest and caring individual."

--Karl Miller, 500 West 43rd Street

"Anita Fischer Realty has performed miracles for my family. No kidding! We had gotten an estimate from a very large realty company on a "spec" apartment we bought and renovated and needed to sell to repay a debt. Then we asked Anita to sell it for us. She got $150,000 more than the other company's estimate. Even more important she found a buyer who was a sure thing to pass our very difficult Co-Op Board of Directors. In addition, she arranged everything so we never had to get back to the city for the closing...and it all happened in time to pay off the debt. Slam dunk! Because of this experience, we asked Anita to sell our primary apartment - we now spend most of our time upstate - which she did with great results, a very good profit and no work for us. That last is important if you're busy and don't want any hassles; which of us isn't?

As if that wasn't enough, she sold our son's co-op apartment and helped him with a mortgage for the new condo he was moving into. Anita Fischer Realty handled both the sale and the purchase. We really received service with a smile. It's a pleasure to have Anita Fischer Realty working for you, very personal and smooth, and easy; I hate to be mercenary but she was the best investment we ever made. Our co-op building was a very unique place - not a big, easy sell. It needed a very special buyer and a very special realtor to deal with our fussy board. Anita Fischer Realty sailed through the process. I'm sure it took a lot of work and expertise, but not on our part; we just enjoyed the results.
If you want to feel like Rockefeller with your own private team of specialists, this is the realty company for you. Enjoy!"
--Gioia and Charles Shebar

Thank you so much for the great job you did selling 32F. When we came to you to sell our place after we found out we were relocating to Switzerland we were so relieved when you told us you and your team would do everything in your power to have the place sold at top dollar before we left. We had been a little concerned having seen that some of the bigger brokerages were reducing the prices of units in the Strand . Never could we have imagined that you could get us our full asking price and have the closing within days of our leaving. Thank you for helping make that part of our transition to Switzerland literally stress-free! All our best to you and thanks again for a job well done. Thanks.
--Jody and Mark Gleisser

Anita Fischer Realty
Anita Fischer Realty
CEO, and Founder